Our highly specialized production facilities and over 30 years of experience allow us to manufacture complex metal shapes at a cost advantage over other methods.

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We are specialized in the art and craft of high precision hand metal spinning and in series CNC machine metal spinning.

Our blend of traditional hand spinning and the latest in CNC machine metal spinning technology has given us a competitive edge in offering top performance in a wide range of metal spinning technologies, as well as many In-House finishing services including welding, punching, beading, anodizing, plating, polishing and custom assembly.

You provide the blueprints and our staff will offer you specialized consulting on materials and finishing. Our tooling is custom made per your specifications.

From blueprint to finished product, no shape is too simple or too complex. We can spin metal up to 42" in diameter with thicknesses ranging from .010" to .250" and with tolerances up to .005".

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