Our highly specialized production facilities and over 30 years of experience allow us to manufacture complex metal shapes at a cost advantage over other methods.

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Aluminum Metal Spinning

We specialize in spinning Aluminum of various sizes and alloys. A highly polishable metal commonly used in industrial and commercial lighting, we carry a large stock of size and alloy combinations ready for prototype development.


Brass Metal Spinning

Brass is commonly used for decorative metal applications. It is a formable metal receptive to many different finishing.


Copper Metal Spinning

Copper is very popular within the lighting and interior decorating industries, prized for its heat-resistant qualities.


Steel Metal Spinning

Steel is one of the most commonly spun metals. It is a very workable metal with a wide range of industrial metal spinning applications. Steel components are renowned for their durability and strength.


Stainless Steel Metal Spinning

Stainless steel has many special metal spinning applications. It is popular for its permanence, strength, and non-corrosive attributes. It is commonly used on exterior applications exposed to the elements.


Specialty Metal Spinning

Our metal spinning talent and expertise is among the best in the industry, allowing us to produce high quality custom specialty components.

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